“I have two piece of work up at the exhibition. One is based around identity and I looked at how hair is important to someone’s identity and how it’s so important to religion. I looked at different races, different people and different hair. I managed to photography a girl who unfortunately lost her hair through alopecia and a long-haired Indian guy who’s got hair down to his hips. It’s a progression between how important hair is to your identity. That was a portrait series but I’m predominantly a fashion photographer.

This series is loosely based around The Virgin Suicides, the film, and bringing in more of my style which is based on natural light and pastel tones.

Before I started the course I was assisting a celebrity portrait photographer and shot with flash, but since the course has gone on I’ve shot with a tripod and natural light.

I literally couldn’t have thought of going to another uni, I love it. I just love the community there where everyone works together and everyone wants to help each other.”