Students from both BA (Hons) Graphic Design and BA (Hons) Visual Communication have won multiple awards at this year’s D&AD New Blood Awards.

BA (Hons) Visual Communication alumni Jacob Elwood, Hannah Proud, Benjamin Prevett and Hannah Nicholson collaborated to produce a response to the brief – ‘Position Nationwide as a future facing brand’. Their entry Nationwide Glow, which won a wooden pencil, is an innovative digital service that responds to the user and gives them control of their money.

Hannah Proud tells us more about their creative process: “We are four course mates who all live with each other, so the project began when we decided we wanted to do a collaborative project together in our final year. We decided to do the Nationwide brief because we thought it would challenge us, and test our creative skills.

We all worked together constantly throughout the project, dividing the work load but consulting each other at all times and agreeing on final decisions as a team. We are so happy with the result, as it’s the perfect way to end our year, and time at AUB. We are really looking forward to the awards ceremony, bring it on!

Our time at AUB has been amazing, we all feel we have learnt a lot and are prepared for the real world, as scary as it seems at the moment.”

Sam Pittmann of BA (Hons) Graphic Design picked up a wooden pencil for his BBC Clips entry. This was a response to the brief: ‘BBC Stay Tuned. Engage 15/24 year olds’.

He tells us more about his work: “The process of this project is one of the most satisfying things, personally. The idea was produced during the course of a 24 hour design challenge that I set myself as part of my Final Major Project. In total I tackled 20 different briefs during one continuous 24 hour period, the BBC brief being one of them.” 

Sam has had a successful year, also becoming YCN Student Award Winner 2015 and passing the ISTD Student Assessment 2015.

BA (Hons) Graphic Design alumnus Hilda Kortei won a white pencil for her response to the Pantone – ‘Paint your town colourful’ brief. Titled Colourful Accents, her aim was to create a colourful identity generated from the people of Croydon themselves, showing diversity, but also unity.

Hilda tells us about her entry: “I loved working on this brief. There were lots of briefs to choose from but this Pantone brief appealed to me most, because I love everything to do with colour! Most of all I loved the challenge. The brief was difficult, but I loved the fact there were so many different ways of interpreting it. In the end, I went with an idea that was original and quirky, but also quite risky.”