“I am an illustrator and picture book artist from Taiwan, it wasn’t until the start of my MA degree at the Arts university Bournemouth that I started turning my daily doodling into professional practice. My ideas and inspirations derived from daily observations resonating with familiar emotions.

I like to think that there is a sensitivity and warmth to my illustrations. I usually incorporate vibrant primary colours to draw out sequential storyboards. First person perspective is a frequent way for me to tell stories. I hope they give out positive messages and hope, in a gentle but impactful way.

Turning the stories and images into picture books is something I am very passionate about, I am always seeking ever more challenging narratives to address.

The concept for this picture book ‘Saying Goodbye’ is focused on the delicate emotions between parents and their children, especially focusing on dealing with depression as a family and this story is seen through a child’s perspective. I looked at themes, symbolisms and colours, then incorporating them into the story. This story is quite personal to me, coming from a family that had similar struggles. It was really important for me to send out a positive message through my work, I hope the viewers can feel a sense of comfort in the story and know that they are not alone.”