“My final major project was all about finding something that can go in-between, so I created a glyph.

It’s a design piece and the way it’s formed is as the logogram of a knot. It’s joining two things together: it’s a conjunction where the two clauses come together.

As it’s a conjunction, I wanted it to look similar to an ampersand so that it fitted into the conjuncture family. The smaller loop at the top and larger loop at the bottom symbolise that context.

I wanted it to have a beautiful flowing nature to it. In the middle, you can see an equals sign because it’s the cause of something and I wanted it to have this subliminal message in it.

My time at AUB has been good. This last year has been hard work but it has still been fun and it’s worth it.

You know everyone on campus at AUB and you have so many mutual friends across the courses. You kind of know everyone by the end of the three years.

Now I’m going to do some internships and try a few different things.”