“It [the Symposium] is great, I’ve just seen James Jarvis as well, and I thought that was really interesting actually. We were just discussing how good it is to see an artist who has actually come full circle with their work, some of it becomes quite familiar in its way or approach to working, and then reinvents themselves and its somebody actually reflecting back upon work they were doing 20 years ago but then re-evaluating that, interpreting ideas in a refreshing way and that somebody actually using what they read what they take in from the real world and its actually quite refreshing to see things like that these days

It’s a good start to the year as well, things like this are always quite timely because you’ve got a new cohort of students and the students that are already here get a chance to see the speakers, it’s an injection of inspiration for the beginning of the year.

Difference in your work is really important today, and I think these events can accentuate that, they can really bring out those that are quite original, we attend these things quite a lot really, so its always a good opportunity to see the staff and meet the illustrators we perhaps haven’t seen for a few years, and talk about your subject, outside of your familiar environment, to actually remove yourself from it. It can spark up different conversations that you might have from a slightly different perspective. It’s always good to rekindle relationships with tutors of old. I always find them inspiring but also insightful — they make you think, and I think that all these kind of events should make you do that, if anything they should make you really think about what you’re doing and your discipline.”