“Well the work’s been influenced from painting, in a way, and also geometry. There are three prints all linked together with the combination of circles and squares. You get colours that sort of add to each other; green is the result from yellow and blue. It’s also about perfection. If you look them from far away you might think they’re perfect or very well geometrically perfect but, close to it, you can see the details. Those lines are like from the laser cutter, and it’s that kind of thing, making something that looks simple, but has a lot behind it. Frank Cilla, for example, did similar things with his paintings. He did squares within squares, which were all very concentric. I tried to do it with photography in a way, to replicate that kind of painting.

These things could be done in almost 15 minutes to computer print them, but they’ve taken two weeks to print and also to frame them. It’s done in the dark room and it’s got a bit of digital. Negatives are laser cut and then engraved, placed in the dark room in the negative bay and from then the image is projected onto the photographic paper.

They’re complex in a way. They’re framed in white so they work as a series. I didn’t want to put a black frame to block them from each other; they have to work together as a combination.

I’ve had a really good three years and I don’t want to go. The only reason to stay is if I fail the year, but I passed! It’s been amazing working with people and learning. The great thing about it, I think, is the opportunity to just do what you want. You get creative freedom not constrained by specific things or anything. There are also tutorials all the time to guide you in the right way if you don’t know what to do, that’s really good.”