“I took inspiration from the old Hollywood monster movies and decided I wanted to create a ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’ inspired make-up piece. I made an exposed brain, and some prosthetics to make it look like the skin had been pulled off, which was riveted into place. He also had a pipe coming down, which was a bit like ‘Bane’ from ‘Batman’.

In my time at AUB, I have worked on Theatre shows, I got to take part in one of the bigger prosthetic based theatre shows, ‘Rights of Man’, which was very well received. I got to make large whip marks for an actor’s back. It was quite hard work, which i undertook in my second year. With all the projects I’ve done, I’ve tried to take on something new each time. I’ve knotted a beard, I’ve made things in silicon, in this project I hair punched, which I’ve never done before. I got some advice from Nick Dudman from our interviews that we had, she said that ‘he hates seeing brow prosthetics that don’t have eyebrows in them’, because it’s easy to just cover somebody’s eyebrows with a prosthetic and not replace it, he says that ‘it just looks like they’ve not bothered’. So this time, I created brows! I punched them in, and I showed him. He’s glad that I did them.

I’ve got an interview; I’m going up to a puppet making workshop in Manchester on Tuesday. They’ve paid for me to go up and they’re giving me a tour. They were looking for hair punchers and wig makers. I sent them my CV, and my website and they said that I might have other skills that would be beneficial to them. I’ve got an interview on Wednesday for the Make-Up Intern at AUB. Not this Monday, but the Monday after, I begin a five-day course sculpting with my favourite guy, Don Lanning, he’s a world famous film concept artist. It takes place in Belfast and I got a grant to do the course. I’ve been given this opportunity by the Arts Trust in Jersey, and Titanic Creative Management.”