“I was really interested in the object. I’ve explored it to an extent before in my other project, and I wasn’t really sure what else to explore with it.

I was thinking about the photographic object and went back to its roots and history. I decided to look into the making of the photograph, so the frame. I decided to deconstruct the frame, and look at how its relationship with the photograph has come to be.

I have a plinth, which is made out of old frame hardboard. I went to lots of different galleries and managed to photograph the backs of frames. I work at a framers and they kindly let me make the frames. I took the plinth into the studio, photographed the old frames I’d used in the galleries, and made up the frames again. Any that I had left, I shredded and made a frame out of it.

You don’t always notice the frame in photography, but I wanted it to be the main attraction.

Before I started this course, I was really interested in portraiture. It’s been a massive journey and I’ve completely re-thought my practice, with the help of my tutors.

As soon as I finished uni, I got a job at a framers and printers. They do massive prints for exhibitions, clothing companies etc. It’s really interesting, because I’ve been framing people’s work. I want to continue my practice as well and being in a creative industry helps.”