MA Fine Art graduate Jenny Pritchard tells us about her work and her exhibition, ‘The Possibility of Everything‘. The exhibition comes from Project V, which is made up of five alumni from Arts University Bournemouth.

“Having worked completely on my own for a long time, but for many years I wanted to have an informed conversation that would put my work in context.  I wanted to put my work out there and have it pulled apart, generally push forward to extend and change what I was doing. I was making work about the family home; woman in the home environment which is both a sanctuary and an entrapment.  I made many, many things; I knitted, platted, stitched and I used plaster and wood. I did an AA2A residency at Portsmouth.  I showed my work there. When I finished making the tent in the gallery and people came through and talked to me about what they thought about it.  I found that really interesting and I wish I had recorded it

Doing a Masters changed quite a lot of my work, not the basic ideas behind the work, although it may have shifted them a little bit, but it changed the way I work; the materials and tools I use to express what I wanted to.

If you had told me before I started the MA that I was going to work with video I would have said don’t be silly.  However, with this work I found that this is the best way to say what I want to say.

I had planned to find a residency but then I had to take some time off because of health problems so that held me back a bit.  I started by taking a studio at Artsway. I felt I needed to think about it, not rush into anything. I used to work in my garage, then on the course my supervisor suggested I move into the house so now I mainly work in my house but I have the studio to maintain the informed conversation I mentioned.  I share with Peggy, it works quite well as we shared on the final year of the MA also.

For me I feel like my work sits well with their work, we trust and respect each other. During this week long residency there have been many occasions when we’ve made suggestions about each others’ work; and it’s been useful.”

What is your One Piece of Advice?

“I’d say you have to really want to do it. You have to put the work into it to get the best out of it and you should approach it with an open attitude.”

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