“At the centre of my work lies a fundamental state of exploring the fluidity and pliability of the things we think we know to be true; I use the medium of video to search for liminal spaces in which multiple realities are allowed to be seen as real.

“Considering imaging technologies as both tools for documentation and instruments of imagination, I interrogate the boundaries of screen and space to find the edges of perception. Combining the use of video with sculpture and installation, enables me to interrupt the viewing experience through playing with light, space and the positioning of the viewer in relation to, or within, the work.

“By considering not just what we see in a video but the ways in which we see, I have become fascinated by viewing spaces, particularly the living room with the television at its centre. Television is exciting to me because of the trepidation it was initially met with, and the personification of the TV set as an invader in the home with the power to brainwash the viewer and disturb the social dynamics of the house, as well as its believed links to the paranormal.

“I explore video, particularly cinema, as a space in its own right; an alternate reality with its own spacial, logical and physical rules. This also allows me to explore other types of reality along the lines of virtual spaces, dream spaces, hallucinatory spaces and paranormal spaces. I am particularly fascinated by the ways in which these spaces interact and overlap with the space of the ‘real’, using my work to invite the viewer to experience both tangible and ethereal spaces simultaneously.”