“I am feeling very nervous, hopefully the show will be alright! [Poppy went on to the GFW Gala Event and her had work named as one of the top 25 collections]

Last summer I lived in Brixton for three months, which was all about all the Caribbean immigration after World War Two, and how that influenced subcultures and influenced culture from then on really, a mis-match of subcultures from the 1960s to the 1980s.

I am most proud of the Sheepskin coat in the collection, it’s the final look in the show, it is also the warmest, I feel sorry for the model wearing it.

The Doc Martins’s are from Ebay, the other shoes are from Carlo Mandy which is a costume supplier in London, I wanted them all to be original, they are all from the 80’s, I didn’t want to get new ones, I wanted them all to be authentic.

I think the show is a good way to end my degree, three years working up to it, and I finally get to show my work. I started back in January, which was 5 months ago now. When it is finished to celebrate I think I will sleep quite a lot and go out with my friends!”

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