“The course has helped me figure out what kind of direction I wanted to go in. When I started I wasn’t really sure if I liked graphic design, but I didn’t really like being restricted to a computer. What I liked about Vis Com is that they really encourage you to do different things, whether that’s photography or letter press. I started playing around with packaging design for my final major project, which I think is the direction I want to go in. The course has really helped me find my direction and I’m really grateful for that.

My proudest piece of work was in my second year. I made a hardback book about marginalia and that really fascinated me. Bookbinding and paper types was part of the course, which was an added bonus. I focused on an old book I found that had loads of marginalia, which was a Shakespeare Hamlet book. I deleted all the normal text which wasn’t annotated, which I found interesting as you just read the book through the annotations.

The best things I have learned on the course has been time keeping, as there has been times I’ve had to manage a lot of projects at the same time. It’s also taught me a lot about all the different programmes, which has made me feel like I have got a good head start in the industry.

Today I am hoping to get inspiration from all the other students. I never stop learning and I would like to see others work. I think I want to do packaging design, but I’m not entirely sure what, so would like to see what else is around really.

I have applied for some internships, but would like to come to London as I think it would be good to be in the specific field I want to be in and learn and work my way up.”