“My work is about finding subtleties in spaces. Here, I’ve worked to use a space and the surroundings. I’ve drawn directly onto the ground, responding to the light that’s moved through the window and responding to the time passing. It’s all about drawing in my practice, and this reflects in the prints on the walls as well.

These are blind embossings that use the etching process to create them. Instead of using ink, I use a dusting of French Chalk that picks up on the paper. So they’re very, very subtle and you have to be at a subtle angle to see them.

It’s really nice to be in this kind-of space [The Truman Brewery]. It’s been really, really good to respond to something different, that’s a bit rough and raw. For me, it’s been very, very useful to work in a space like this.

I found my way into contemporary drawing by using the [AUB] printmaking facilities and it’s offered me the time and experience in techniques and processes and that’s helped me through finding my own practice.”