Final Major Project

University allowed me to grow, it made me realise my potentials and it made me realise how grateful I am to have the opportunity to study here. My final major project really was an expression of my journey through university, incorporating my best abilities and my personality.

Here is a selection of images that show the final preparations and organisation for hand in. The last month of a project is really exciting, when you can see a collection coming together and the end is near. In Textiles we have to be really prepared and really organised, not only do we have to hand in, we have mock interviews and preparations for our graduate shows. Keep calm, carry on and work work work!

This is a project I shot for my Major Project unit. I was experimenting with different objects and using a more abstract approach.

Imagine an underwater scene completely frozen in time. Everything is motionless other than the camera moving through, showcasing the sculpted figures and environment. That is what I am aiming for with my final major project. The story unfolds as the camera reveals more. The female figure has woken from her cryogenic sleep, to find her laboratory damaged, and at the bottom of the ocean. She looks out the window to find an evolved male creature.