“I came to one of the AUB Open Days to hear about the full time Film course and heard about the summer course through the film tutors.   I really felt I needed lots of practical experience, to improve my technical skills, and I also wanted a bit of an insight into the full time BA Film course – so the summer course was a good starting point for me.

“I have recently studied Film Making for over a year at a college in the UK but despite that, 90% of the stuff taught to me on the AUB summer course was totally new – and the approach to how we were taught was just fantastic.  I got a real insight into the different roles and processes of filmmaking, rather than learning about them in isolation.  I also loved the professional insight from the tutors on the course who have acted in, produced or directed all sorts of films and tv parts. Having people teaching on the course who have worked directly in the film industry is so important I think.  The course is tiring but you have to have a real passion and commitment to working in the film industry anyway so it’s a good way to show you the hard work that goes into film making!

“Before coming here I thought I knew what I wanted –  to be a film director – but I have discovered so many other roles in the film making process that resonate with me, it has completely changed my direction.  I have discovered an absolute love and fascination with cinematography, so I am pursuing camera work and the visual side of film making, its what I love.”