“I found the course online and loved the look of it . I spoke to an AUB graduate who spoke so positively about AUB that it convinced me to come here for the summer course.  I was previously a student at international school in China studying business administration but I have a personal interest in film making and also felt there were lots of useful learning tools from the course that would crossover into business that would be useful, such as critique and analysis , working in a team etc. Of course, now that I have done this film making summer course I have really been inspired, and am now applying to do BA Film here at AUB!

“I loved the scriptwriting and directing workshops the best. Being behind the camera is definitely the bit for me.  I think the biggest thing I learnt was just understanding all the roles that go into making a film, I have real appreciation now for various aspects such as sound and cinematography.  This course has helped me to branch out rather than letting me box myself in too much. I have completely fallen for Film. I love AUB and being in Bournemouth. I honestly don’t want to leave!”