F.A.T. Project

The collaboration had us split into groups with representatives from each course, and travel into Poole to develop ideas for a piece that was based upon a word given to us. Our word was ‘tension’ to which we were asked to produce a meaningful response. The process was interesting and rewarding, with the group working successfully together. Course collaborations are a great parallel focus and F.A.T. was invaluable to my learning experience.

This was a 1 week project which involved collaborating of Fashion, Architecture and Textiles students. The aim was to work together to produce a final piece, which we would present at the end of the week to the other students. We were given a key word – ‘Perforation’ – which we researched, to produce a ‘sailors’ coat, inspired by out group trip to Poole. Collaborating with Fashion and Architecture students has been eye opening and beneficial, as it helped me understand and acknowledge what other creative courses do, how they work, and what skills I can gain from them in collaborations. Personally, working with Fashion students was particularly value for me as fashion is a pathway I’m interested in; this opportunity has given me connections for possible future collaborations.