“I heard about this summer course through my sister’s school, as quite a lot of students there have applied to AUB for a place on a BA course.

“I didn’t know what to expect and it has been totally amazing – I’ve learnt loads and have a much more varied portfolio than I thought I would have produced – without this course I don’t think I would have any portfolio at all.

“The staff are so cool, they are the ones that have made the course so good, totally inspiring and really encouraged me.  For me the best part was the media elements of the course. I loved using some of the technology like the 3D laser cutting which was awesome. I have never had a chance to try out this sort of thing and it totally opened up my mind to what you can do with fashion and technology nowadays.

“I got lots of technical advice and would definitely say my drawing has improved as I have been working a lot on my sketchbooks. I stayed in the AUB Halls which were great – really modern and it was fun to hang out with people from the other courses too. I have had an interview for BA (Hons) Fashion whilst being here for my summer course, and am really pleased to say I have now been accepted to start in September 2017. I cannot believe it and am so excited.

“My advice to future summer students?  Don’t be worried about making friends, be ready to listen to your tutors and open your mind!”