“Originally I was at AUB studying graphics, being there gave me the courage to pursue what I wanted to do which was fashion. It’s just really nice having a chance to do what I wanted to do at the beginning.

Having a lot of free reign over the projects, you can do what you want and express yourself. It was nice to be able to do that on the course.

I am a bit overwhelmed now it has come to an end, as in final year a lot of opportunities arise, and there is so much you can do. They support you whatever direction you want to go in.

I won the Harrods styling competition 2015, so I am looking to start my internship with them in July for the Harrods magazine, assisting and doing styling for photoshoots.

The tutors are all really lovely, there is a nice welcoming atmosphere, everyone is nice and supportive, the course mates you work with in third year will be your friends for life as you have been through so much together, I have had a really good time.”