“The idea was to create a garment that would help raise awareness around a charity or organisation, and then the proceeds would go towards helping that charity. So I chose to create a design for a silk scarf, and chose to design it for Whistles.

“I focused on endangered birds and conservation. I wanted to do something that I was interested in, and I love animals. When I started, I realised it was so broad. There’s so many endangered animals, so I wanted to narrow it down. I went to the Hawk Conservancy and thought the textures, colour, patterns of birds would work really well.

“I’ve loved my Foundation. I had an idea that I wanted to do Textiles before I came into it, but I’ve learned so much. I’d never used Photoshop before I came here, but now my whole design has been done on Photoshop. It’s a really good course, I’m really pleased I did it. I’m staying here at AUB to study BA (Hons) Textiles from September.”