“It was really good showing my collection today, it was scary, but it was fun. It was a great moment and to show my family and everybody, it was really nice.

The course prepared me well for the show, they told us what was going to happen, they said that we might meet some industry people and that we need to present ourselves well, so they prepared us for what’s going to happen. I didn’t come here blindsided, I think they did well, they did a really good job.

To be honest, even though it was so stressful and so hard and so many long hours, making my collection, I enjoyed the whole process. I enjoy designing it and picking fabrics and then making it, because you see it walking down the catwalk and you think I’ve made that and I have done that all myself. That’s such a great feeling, seeing it and knowing it was all your hard work.

My collection was based on young British people and their drinking, so it was nights out and how they act when they are drunk. I went more into detail on how when you’re drunk you might dress wrong. You might put your jacket on upside down, you might put another shirt on upside down. I wanted it to be fun, not serious, because a lot of people are serious, so I just wanted to have a fun time with it.

I am going to see what happens, you never know who you might meet. Then I am going to start applying for internships and jobs, go with the flow and see what happens.”