Hearing from a different sort of crowd how they’re using their practice and developing your practice and also sort-of looking at how they do research and creative studies and being in a network of other illustrators who are sort of in the academic space.”

Youve come over from Australia for this, are you looking forward to kind of seeing the difference in practises here and Australia and the industry there?

Yeah, I’m looking to see, and I guess I’ve already seen, a network of people talk to each other more frequently than we are, with academics and similar positions at different institutes, looking to see how practise is developing and how research is developing is one of the things I’m really interested in, there’s a big push back home for establishing and developing more intensive research in Universities, in the creative industry, for me its interesting to see what people are doing.

I lecture on a National History Illustration degree program, which is the only one in Australia as a full undergraduate program, and I’m sort of looking at, with my PHD research, working with scientists — so I guess I’m exploring the role of working collaboratively with people and how that influences how you practise and how you interpret a subject.”