“When I started off, I was a sculptor and that was my be all and end all. As soon as I came to University, I started to get really interested in painting, and it started to take over from my sculptures.

Throughout my work, there has been a general idea of control, which is what I’ve been interested in. This really started to move forward when I was looking at action painting. I was introducing a lot of martial arts and meditation into my work. I’d taken this idea, and moved it on. My work generally surround trauma, and I like to bring in other things to make it more educated. For example, references to Romanticism. The name of the piece is The The Divided Self, a reference to a book by R.D Laing, where he talks about a child who was brought up in a scientific experiment.

I became very interested in colour. I was doing big colourful landscapes, and then started to bring in dark shapes to give it more depth. I then came a lot more interested in these darker tones and, as I tried to push it further, the piece became more about mark making. I started to move away from traditional paint brushes, and use pieces of wood, pallet knives etc.

I’ve definitely enjoyed my time at AUB. When I first started, I wasn’t so interested in getting a really good grade, but more developing as an artist and having an understanding of the art world. I think that’s been achieved and I’ve grown quite a lot.

I would love to carry on my practice and essentially be an artist. I want to exhibit my work in galleries and try and live off it. I understand that it’s going to be difficult, and will mean getting a job on the side. But I have strong passions, so hopefully I can get through all that and make it!”