“I feel the course has prepared me really strongly. I started off doing design, and I felt everyone was on the same page. We all came from all different backgrounds and colleges, which has been really nicely progressing through the years and I’ve been really happy.

Being here is exciting, energising, exciting and inspiring. It’s been a really good adventure to see all the different collections.

My favourite part was the diversity of students we had. We had students from Asia, all over England, Iceland, Norway, and I just love that I made lots of new friends and made contacts for the future.

I think, because in first year we were taught to do the basics of fashion and construction and the traditional fashion skills, that has helped me to understand clothes a lot more, even though now I am a stylist. I think that background in design and sewing is really important. As the course changed, you got a lot more skilled people doing accessories, to styling and communications.

After I graduate I want to go abroad, make more contacts, maybe find a job in London.

I would say go for it, have an open mind, open heart, and really enjoy the campus. It’s an amazing campus, all the facilities are great, the tutors are friendly, there is so much space, and you really get one to one time with the tutors. I think compared to other universities in London, they are really compact and tight for time, and AUB really gives you that space to breathe.”