Foundation – 3D Art / Craft / Design Pathway

“I started researching about what exactly architecture means for people and I found this exhibition, which was called “Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined”, which inspired me to create a public space, that would draw people and enable them to enjoy and connect with it. Hence, I came up with an idea to create a sustainable “solar bus stop”.

I realised how many people use public transport nowadays and after many centuries people will still use it. So I decide to improve it and create a place, where people could find it flexible to use.  I also looked up architecture and art works. I found a couple inspired books, about small design with big ideas. I was incredibly inspired how many small designs can be complex, but at the same time quite simple. I also found out about “Jinhua Architecture Park”, which inspired me the most.

I’m originally from Kazakhstan, aktau city, which is located by the Caspian. It’s a small city, however gracefully combines of beauty of the sea and desert. I’ve always drawn my inspiration from the nature. The same thing I like about Bournemouth. The area and feeling is quite similar with my hometown, which is inspires me a lot. It also does not make me feel that I’m far away from my hometown.”