In the last term of my studies I was able to design the costumes for the Autumn AUB Production of ‘The Visit’; a Brechtian style play by Friedrich Dürrenmatt and directed by Kirstie Davis.

The play challenges what the power of money can do to a run-down town that was once wealthy. Millionaire, Claire Zachanassian, visits the town with one goal: Revenge. An exciting and vibrant dark comedy which lends itself to quirky costumes with splashes of contrasting colours and the freedom in time and places it is set in.

My job in this production was to create a set of costume designs to be used for the Show. I took inspiration from Brechtian plays, early nineteenth century costume and modern elements distinguishing clearly between poor and rich with colours and fabrics.

The biggest challenge of this project was time and resources. Sourcing and creating over 30 costumes in a short amount of time was complicated at points but gave me a great sense of achievement by the end of it. Thanks to the wonderful costume team and great support from our tutors we were able to create the visual world of Guellen in short time.

Most performers played two or more roles in this production, therefore quick changes were also a great challenge; I had to make sure there was a clear distinction between the characters and that the costumes where adaptable for a fast transformation, sometimes needing to happen on stage.

The collaborative work with the Acting course at AUB has been a great experience and has given me wonderful memories as well as great skills to prepare me for the industry. I am very happy I have been given this opportunity as I find that working on live projects is very educational and nurturing as an artist and it made me grow not only creatively but personally as well.