The Boy Friend was a project that I was waiting for since I came to AUB; I was dreaming to design for a final show since year 1, but I didn’t know that it would be a project that would turn me from a student into a professional. As a Costume Designer I could check my ideas against reality for the first time and with time and progress of the production, I gained experience and self confidence. It was all the mistakes that resulted from me not trusting my own intuitive judgment that convinced me that I have to stick with my decisions as a designer. In the end, the show was a success far beyond my expectations, with seats completely sold out and the audience bursting into laughter every minute.

It has been a great adventure at AUB! I have explored and found out about things of great interest to me. I discovered some new passions and met amazing people. It has been a time where I have able to get to know myself as an artist in a safe and encouraging environment. I have been challenged and supported on each step of my development and I wish for everyone to have such an opportunity in their lives.

I’m currently in the process of applying to compete for The Lindbury Prize. I am also going back to my roots in Poland to get some rest and inspiration from the street theatre festival FETA, which happens every year in July in my home city of Gdansk. If you happen to be in Poland this summer, you can’t miss it.”