I’m finding it [the Symposium] really interesting. I’ve read all the papers, because I’m in charge of the peer review process, so I read them all before they even go out, and I knew that Chris Campe’s talk was going to be interesting because gender is a really important topic at the moment.

It’s a huge, huge topic and she has touched on an area of it, you can get a book of it in there, and things like her paper are one of the most important things about these Symposiums because you can make everyone start thinking about what they put in their pictures; men, women, whoever — who’s doing the powerful stuff, who’s following the leader, because it’s a battle as we all know.

Interpretation is quite a broad theme. When approaching it, you need to let people in at various angles. I know a lot of people like meeting their peers as well, it’s a rare opportunity to meet them.  It’s great timing for a symposium as well — to start the year with fresh perspectives, because everybody gets so busy later on!”