“Being a Northerner myself, people down south and studying down south don’t realise the extent of the North – South Divide. People don’t realise literally how hard it is to get a job, I mean up North, three months before I was due to go to University I applied for a eighteen-hour a week job, in a bingo hall and nearly six hundred people applied for it. That’s how little jobs there are.

With the elections going on David Cameron seems to think that people on benefits and without jobs seem to be wasting their money in certain ways, he released a Government campaign, a survey showing the top ten ways that people can save or stop wasting their money. I covered ten of them, but unfortunately I could only exhibit three, due to the space. It was basically cosmetics, and beauty, things like that. I think that is more Upper Class, I don’t know anyone, being from Sunderland that goes to Debenhams and spends £300 in MAC, or whatever. Another one was eating out on a night or buying convenience food for their lunch, again that’s a southern thing. I don’t know anyone that does that!

He was trying to say that this racks up hundreds, and I think, yes for the people in the upper sector, it might but it doesn’t affect them. It effects everybody else in the working class, but what he doesn’t realise is that this also provides hundreds of thousands of jobs for people. So, trying to put people off of this is not only losing jobs for the lower class, but it’s trying to affect their lives. Which it really awful, but almost a little bit hypocritical, like fuck you, but I try to make it clean cut and unsarcastic in a way to mock it even further, if that makes sense. I try to make it quite underlying, I think probably that people that don’t get that wouldn’t get it, but the people who do are affected by it and are the people that would get it. I wanted people who didn’t get it not to. People that are affected by it, will get it and understand the humour behind it, it was meant to be a humorous piece.”