“I was very inspired by Scandinavian design philosophy, which is simplistic and minimalistic. It’s all about using honest materials like wood, so I tried to take that on board. For instance, I deconstructed the Hans J Wegner Wishbone chair and taken it on by myself. I’ve taken the screws you use and rearranging it into a pattern. I’ve also done a few tables, deconstructed them and taken photos.

I’ve also done this embroidery pad and used bolts that I’ve rearranged. I went to Copenhagen and a lot of it was desaturation of colour, so that was taken from there.

This next project is from Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson. I’ve got the arches from there. I went to London and looked at all the grand hotels there. He’s got botanical aspects in his film, and I got a lot of inspiration from him.

I’ve loved my time on the course. It’s very hard, they get you to experiment with whatever you can, but it’s really good. I’ve loved every minute of it!”