“The brief was to create an app for any domestic target audience of your choice to save energy. The process we went through was quite long. We started figuring out where npower can save the most energy in terms of people who use apps and use the most energy. The app tracks who’s in and who’s out and turns energy on and off accordingly.

It was really interesting to get into the target audience’s mindset. We had a couple of focus groups asking people in a house share, “What is your problem when trying to save energy?” and there’s a classic scenario where one housemate will turn up the heating and the other will turn it up. This addressed it because each housemate can set their personal preference and depending on who’s in or out the app will create a happy medium.

We’re just waiting for Thursday now to see if we get an award from it because it’s been nominated.

AUB I think is really, really nice. It’s a creative institute by itself. It’s been really cool to get involved with other courses and the whole creative community.

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