“My final work was looking at form, and how I can play around and manipulate form to control it.  The work I had was an advertising campaign to encourage people to clean their phone screens more. I used inks and bacteria to show that up.

I was also fortunate to pick up a D&AD pencil for my work on the Crimewatch brief, and I also managed to get into the academy as well. My work on Crimewatch was to integrate Crimewatch into social media, so it can be regularly interacted with beyond TV.

I had a really good time at university. I feel like our tutors really care about what we need and want to do. It’s very supportive knowing I can go to my tutor and have that. It’s always quite open, which is a really great thing about Graphic Design at AUB.

I have a few interviews lined up, including one at the BBC. The D&AD academy is the next step, and then I’ll take it from there.”