“The freedom we had on this course was amazing, it really felt like we were let loose in the studio.  Working with all the equipment that you would have in a professional make-up studio has really helped me understand the process.

“The course wasn’t quite what I imagined – it has been much better!  I imagined there would be quite a lot of ‘sitting down time’ where we’d just be listening to lectures or tutorials  – quite the opposite. I would say that 95% of this course has been practical and I am so glad!  It has given me so much confidence and I have experimented with loads of different styles and techniques.

“My favourite parts were the workshops on special effects/zombie style makeup and prosthetics – plus the photo shoots for these were really funny.

“Its also been brilliant getting so many good tips and advice from the lecturers and make-up staff – they are so knowledgeable and helpful.  I have visited a few universities in London before and felt they had a very cold and clinical approach – buts its not like that at AUB.  Everyone’s been really friendly and wanting to share ideas to make all our work better.

I can’t believe the three weeks have gone so quickly – I’m really pleased with what I achieved on the course – my practical makeup skills have definitely improved but also I understand more about the design side of creative make-up and what’s excepted of you at degree level and in the industry. I have had so much fun – and now I have my heart set on joining AUB’s BA Make-Up degree course, so hopefully I will be back next year as a full time student!”