“I have a Fine Art background from the states and I used clothing and garments as my artist dialogue. I came to AUB to study Costume as I wanted to master this craft. I think the psychology of an individual, of a character, of a period or culture is really interesting as in a sense, we are what we were.

I didn’t realise that I was always doing costume but it tends to be like an activity for me. Particularly about my costume work here, I think it was about learning the tactical skills and how to take a more contextual dialogue forward so here is an extremely contextual dialogue but it is a research and expression of identities, class, culture and time period.

I have found the course incredible. I was always told that if I wanted a good degree then I needed to come to England and it has surpassed my expectations by far. I think I wasn’t even aware of the Costume course at AUB so I think it was one of those things where I found it and it found me and I didn’t know how lucky I had got.

I think because the course is so strong, we can become really strong individually and then it becomes a quite symbiotic relationship. I don’t think you can have one without the other. What we are allowed to make, makes us so great because we have the backing and the support. This is my fourth time at University and I didn’t get this anywhere else.

I am staying at AUB to do my MA in Fine Art, so that I can really come full circle with my practising. In Costume you usually have a designer and a maker, in Fine Art I am used to designing, then I make what I have designed. To separate the two is really alien to me because I think a big part of the research comes from practice, the art or working so I want to go back to that with what I know now and see how that goes.”