“Basically I work with text and I also have a booklet. These are ideas taken from the booklet and I want it to be more playful than usual. I want it to be something you come across while walking and be part of the space as a direct intervention to the space. On the table is where we invite people to have lunches, so I decided to put some of my text pieces there, like a conversation point.

The words that are there are ‘conclusion’, ‘completion’ and ‘closure’. Part of it is personal, as well as it applying to this being a conclusion and also how we need for conclusion. As this is an abstract idea, I started thinking about abstraction so I tried to relate to this, which is abstraction only understood in relation to a definite structure. I placed it next to the door because it’s a definite structure.

I’m trying to make people notice things around them and just how they associate everything they see with their experiences, in a new and very playful way,

I am sad to leave but it’s exciting, it’s a strange time in everyone’s life but it’s been great. AUB was a great place to study, mostly because of the freedom they give you to find yourself. I think our show is one of the most fun and playful, we got to enjoy it a lot.”