“This is like an accordion, but it’s a concertina, which is a smaller variety of accordion. It’s normally six sided, but what I’ve done is make a more ergonomic and more logical take on the design. This is an ergonomically redesigned hand rest and hand strap, which has an elastic element, which makes it hold your hand very nicely. I’ve always loved the instrument and thought it’s great. It’s loud and small but just slightly uncomfortable to play, so I made just a few tweaks. It’s actually also made of card and fibre to make it lighter, as portability is part of it’s appeal.

I also want to show people who make them and play them the other options there could be. Hopefully people would take some note of this and perhaps improve their own practice. I’m probably going to make more prototypes and perfect the design.

AUB is incredible in that you get a very good combination, a very good ratio of independence and instruction with practical hands on skills. Access to real machines and hands on skills is something that a lot of courses don’t have enough of. I’ve found it great.”