“The work I am showing here is about the coach journey when I was at Victoria coach station at 6 in the morning. I decided to do some drawings, so I spent a few hours filling my whole sketchbook. I combined and collected drawings together and screen-printed them. I used another location of the V and A drawings and decided to create a narrative between the two locations, and create something a little bit more abstract than a coach station. I heard the phrase ‘please always keep an eye on personal belongings’ and thought that was interesting and could use something of high value from the V and A as a metaphor for the belongings, something they could carry as they travel around with their luggage.

The course has helped me a lot. The three years on the BA is quite simply continually improving, and I have always had the idea of what I have wanted to do, from drawing from observation. The three years have gone very quick, constantly working on what is my interest, and the team at uni has definitely helped me improve it.

I think the best thing I have learned is to never stop drawing, keep working. Even if you have had a bad day, or you feel that your drawings are not working anymore, just carry on the day after, always keep exploring and keep inspired by everyday life.

I am very glad to be exhibiting at D&AD, as I can see that many people looking around, I could speak to some people who could be interested, create contacts. Being here makes me more confident about my work, and something that I want to carry on, if uni is over it is not the end.

In the future I would like to move to London, work on my portfolio, spend a year making as much as I can, take a class and perhaps do a masters in a year or two”