“I’ve specialised in costume for screen, so I have a couple of final pieces. My main one is a Cleopatra costume, for a short film called Cleopatra Returns, which begins filming in a few months. I’ve also got one from a Welsh language druid film, which is historical fiction about druids. For this, I mainly supervised, bought the fabrics and organised everything.

In costume you have a few roles, designers, supervisors and makers. I mainly design and supervise. I’ve had the fortunate experience of working with around four makers for my costume. A milliner, Holly Dyer, created the headdress. Two second year students helped create the cape and then the fishtail skirt was created by someone else. That’s what Costume and Performance Design is about, it’s all about working together.

The creative freedom and being to collaborate with so many people has been great. I’ve worked with actors and actresses, and I’ve also worked with a lot of the film students. It was lovely working with them.

I’m doing work experience with one of the previous graduation. She’s working on a short for Channel 4. Because I’m doing film, you end up doing a lot of short films, then getting a traineeship and working your way up. I’ve done work experience on The Crown with Michele Clapton who designed Game of Thrones for so many years, which was amazing. “