“My piece is called Citizen+, which is an application and digital service design to get younger people more engaged with politics. The idea was to do away with rhetoric and confusing language. As young people, we consume information immediately, rather than over time and, for that reason, politics doesn’t always resonate very well with young people.

The project came out of the fact that I was explaining to my friends that I was going to try and explain socialism and capitalism and I realised that, even at a basic level, a lot of my friends had little to no understanding.

I took the language down to a very basic level. The app is split into two colour screens for every question page. The size of the colour represents the capacity that is either for or against. In Eastern Europe they have a lot of digital voting, meaning the status update is immediate, and a lot of younger people are far more interested.

I’ve really really enjoyed it. Initially I applied for Illustration, but they decided I was more suited to Graphics based work. Vis Com came over to me, and thought that I was perfect for the course. A lot of my illustration work was branding based, or logo based.

In my third and final year, I developed a definite route, and I began to study app design. This is the second app I’ve designed, and I definitely think this is the route I’m going down. The course is mainly based I typography, interaction, as well as social media and digital and print.

It’s been really interesting because the course is a huge mix. There are people who come from an illustration background, like me, those who already had an in-depth Graphic Design background, and even those who are skilled coders.

I’d love to get this in front of someone. I’ve been looking at the BBC, and I’d like to be involved in culture, such as clothing brands or media companies. This project was a piece of social design, and I’m really interested in making change happen.”