“My collection is inspired by the circus. The tassels are inspired by the horse’s tails and their natural hair. The feathered bits are from the caged birds and birds of prey. A lot of it is loosely to do with the animals and acts within a circus.

There are also giraffe eyelashes. It was collaboration with two of my housemates, one did Photography and one did Make-up. I did enjoy collaborating because there’s extra input, but it was stressful at times. We also had a short Fashion film, which showed a dark eerie circus. It was really useful and it was really fun working with the other two.

I’ve had a really good time and I’m really sad to be leaving now. I want to get some sort of internship, potentially with Jane Bowler. She was a visiting lecturer at uni anyway, so she has met us before. My first step is to try and get that!”