“Two years ago I worked on the film with BGI Supplies. We made the full size carriage for the Disney Cinderella film. At that time I had a lot of material for it, obviously when the film came out it was current, so I decided to make a smaller version.

It’s a paint chrome, so there’s various different processes to get to the chrome stage. Essentially it’s a topcoat of paint, and then the chrome goes on and you achieve the gold with a tinted lacquer. It’s not gold plated, but it is chrome. It did take a lot of time sat at the desk late at night, just sculpting.

The UVA pod is for author Piers Bezoni, for a book launch that’s coming out in the next couple of weeks. He’s using it as a prop for the book launch, so it needs to be pretty strong.

My second year project was a Renaissance piece. It’s more of a show armour than actual war armour. They didn’t have the full suit in the museum, so I wanted to make the back plate and the shoulder pieces from what I could find.

I’ve absolutely loved Modelmaking, I never actually applied for any other course. I’d spoken to a few people in the industry and they advised me to go to AUB, so I went to an open day and it was great. The level of work was exactly what I wanted to do, and hopefully now that’s where I am.”