“Showing my collection today was really mad, its such a big build up, you are so nervous, you feel nervous for them walking on the catwalk because it is kids, it happened so fast.

I think the course helped me prepare for professional practice for things like packing and doing the running order, and you know what to expect when you get here, all the kids know what to expect form the show, and they love it, which is nice.

The best part of the course for me was learning, as a designer I have grown so much. I have done womenswear, then I did menswear, then I decided to do kidswear, and I think it is the best decision I have made, and I wouldn’t have thought about it or considered it unless it was for my tutors suggesting it, otherwise I don’t think I would be doing something I love as much.

I want to design and take that forward, I want to take my own branding forward, and try and take forward my embroidered badges and sell them as my own.

It’s been so good, its going to be so weird not being able to come back and walk down Winton High Street in my Pyjamas!”