“My final project was primarily digital. I wanted to design a science fiction concept for a construction robot – the kind of thing that might exist in 20 years. It’s meant to be a fun, tongue-in-cheek project, imagining a world where machines might take over human jobs.

My robot was designed from scratch using computer-aided design (CAD) I wanted to explore the different potential directions that a digital model can go in. One of these is for further digital applications, like for animation, which could potentially be used in a film or as part of CGI. Then on the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got the physical outcomes, like this 3D printed model – so collectible items.

My second piece of work on display is a commemorative piece that was part of a live project that I took part in for a game developer, Reagent Games, who are based in Scotland. I created a digital model for this as well, based on a character from a video game.

The physical model was digitally created and then sculpted and printed. It will hopefully soon be displayed in their offices.

My time at AUB has been overwhelmingly positive. I’ve really enjoyed the course and what it provides both academically and in terms of the experiences it offers. It’s a really enjoyable place to be.

It’s just so fun to come in every day and work on something like a robot or a character from a game and think – this is going to be my profession. I’d love to do work for films, or for games.”