“Towards the end of last year I began casting and I’ve spent from September basically working in plaster. I’ve been casting, doing different techniques like waste moulds etc. I’m just interested in how an object looks, but also how it actually functions can contradict each other. So a lot of it comes from the idea of something looking like it should be kept safe, so you can’t touch it. At the same time your wondering well is it even meant to be here. Is it worth keeping?

It’s protecting the poles, it’s making an area to keep protected but there’s nothing actually inside of it. It’s haphazardly the plastics draped around it. These are casts of a pillow, so I covered a pillow in bubble wrap and I cast it. I wanted them to be hollow, so they could break. They’re not a full cast, you don’t really know what they’re doing

I have had a good time and I’ve changed quite a lot. I really hit it in third year. I’m happy with my work and I feel I’ve found a point where I can take it further. I’ve found a practice that I like. I’d like to take a couple years to just develop things quietly and then maybe work out what I want to do. At some point I’d like to do an MA.  Maybe go into art therapy. I’d like to be more sure of my self and established in that way and then go for it.”