“The bulldog in a space suit is my final major project. He came about through a love of dogs and space, so it was quite an obvious thing to put together for me. I was stuck for a little while on what to do. I wanted to do a character sculpt and I wanted to do something involving hair work, because I’d never done that sort of thing before. All the examples I’d looked at that I’d liked of other people’s work, for some reason, involved space suits.

I took a short course in Z Brush, the digital sculpting programme, where I did a sort of dog-man. I wanted to use that and I put it together with the space suit idea. I eventually decided to use the Apollo space suit as it’s the most classic and well-known one, and that’s where it came from really.

I love dinosaurs, and I normally do dinosaurs or pre-historic things. My original idea for the final major project was to work with another student called Simon, and we were going to do a life size dinosaur. However, then it would have been nothing but prehistoric things on my stand. This was a chance to do a bit of costume, which I’d never done before.

I had a really good time on the course. I got to try out lots of new things. I’d done a bit of sculpting before the course, I did a couple of short courses and I think that helped me know what direction I wanted to go in.

I did work experience on Guardians of the Galaxy after my first year, and then they kept me on for the whole summer there. Then the year after I got asked back to work on the second Avengers film, so hopefully if I can do some more stuff like that it would be ideal.”