“Throughout my three years on the AUB Acting course I have enjoyed creating and playing so many characters, but my favourite has to be Polly Browne in our final third-year AUB production The Boy Friend. This was a fantastic show which I feel so privileged to have been a part of. It was so rewarding to be surrounded by and working alongside a diverse range of students and professionals who all share the same passion and drive as me. Polly is such a unique character and I had so much fun exploring the different elements of her personality, with the help of our wonderful Director and Course Leader Doug Cockle. Although Polly may at first appear to be your typical seventeen-year-old poor little rich girl, there is actually so much more to her than that and it was incredibly exciting to find the less obvious aspects of her character such as her quirkiness and her clown-like qualities.
What I love the most about the Acting course at AUB is that our uniqueness is encouraged. There are so many courses which try to mould students into one specific type of actor, but at AUB we have been taught how to find our own personal qualities and passions and then build on them and develop them further. I also feel that I am now equipped with a wide range of skills in areas such as acting for camera or microphone, Shakespeare, accents, clowning, storytelling, psychological realism and applied theatre. I feel prepared for the professional industry with the wealth of knowledge and experience that I have gained at AUB.
I have been fortunate to gain employment already, am currently touring around schools all over England with Solomon Theatre Company, performing an educational show called Gemma’s Wardrobe which informs Year 7 – 9 students about drug abuse. I am also incredibly pleased to say that in August I will be travelling to Germany for eleven months with White Horse Theatre Company, touring schools with a variety of performances. I feel so fortunate to have this work lined up already in such a difficult industry, and I owe it all to the experience and support that the tutors at AUB have provided for me over the past three years.”