“For my final project I produced two wigs of fantasy hairstyles, one hand-knotted and one using the weft technique. I did an editorial photo shoot in the style of i-D magazine, on the conservation of birds-of-paradise.

The wigs incorporated coloured hair and I mixed i-D’s concept of punk with birds of paradise. My work is definitely fashion/editorial based as that’s what I’m most interested in. I’ve collaborated with lots of other students during my time at AUB.

Our uni is so good at giving us opportunities to collaborate with other people. My portfolio doesn’t rely just on my own projects that I’ve done as part of the course, I’ve also got so many other examples of my work from collaborations.

Collaborating has made me more confident as an artist. I feel like you have to put yourself out there. You should do whatever makes you feel uncomfortable because that’s when you are learning.

I have loved my time at AUB. I’m really emotional that I’ve left now – I want to stay for longer!”