“My Final Major Project is about using a grade II listed building, so converting it and bringing back its functions. Following the client’s brief, she wanted accommodation, where people can use it to stay during the events that occur there. It’s called Shaftesbury Estate and they do a lot of events in that area because they have a 5,000-acre park.

Looking at the 5,000-acre park, it’s quite peaceful there and you can go on estate walks and appreciate the natural environment. I thought to take that into the interior, so that the interiors are connected with the outdoors. There’s consistency and feeling, I have included Biophilic Design. Biophilic Design, is a type of design that reconnects humans to nature because it is part of our innate requirements. It’s good for our health, and well-being, that’s why a lot of offices nowadays have plants, it makes you feel more positive.

There’s a restaurant, where I’ve not just included planting as part of the Biophilic Design, it makes use of natural materials and natural patterns. The patterns that you can see on this construction are inspired by an avenue of trees, like if you were to walk into the woods. It’s quite a large project. It’s a courtyard and the main area is made up of 5 buildings, we had to do this in about 12 weeks.

I’m really interested in doing ecological design, and designing eco-friendly interiors. I was really inspired by a project that I’ve been involved in, at where I worked last year. They were including lots of eco-friendly designs in their work.”