“My final project is a stop-motion animation puppet of a bee, based on the book The Bees by Laline Paull. I’ve made all the armature, I’ve done all the sculpting, moulding and casting. I have an example stand of what went into making it, such as the armature, the coring etc.

I’ve also made Felix and Geoffrey the giraffe and fox puppets. I was doing a maker fair in Bristol over the Summer and I made these to show that people can make their own puppets. I did that as an extra thing over the summer to get a bit of experience.

I also made a Victorian style dress to focus on the costume aspect of stop-motion animation. There are different areas within stop-motion. Some are more moulding and casting related and some where you create costumes, sew them etc. I liked doing the sewing, so I wanted to create a piece that showed that.

I’ve had a really good time at AUB. It’s been really fun and I’ve met some great people, I’m good friends with everyone on my course. All the tutors are really friendly as well. I’ve learnt a lot. At the beginning, if I’d have known I’d be producing this stuff now, I’d never have believed it!

I’ve got a 3-week internship at Aardman in July. They were in contact with our course and had places for two students, so we sent over our portfolios and they picked me and Sam!”