“My work came from the idea that there’s beauty held within imperfections. Then I started looking into what imperfections could be and I looked at mould and knotted and tangled threads. That led me onto a drawing process of hand painting onto wet paper and getting a kind of dropping effect, where lots of things were seeping together. For mould I was going with the idea of growth and that’s what I tried to emulate through my designs.

I knew I wanted to do a lot of hand dye processes with hand print and threads as well. It’s really weird because, once I looked into the colours of mould, you kind of find the colours in there. There are a lot of pastel tones in there, but I drew out the little bits that I really liked about it.

My time here has been really good. The third year definitely was my best year and I was really willing to work hard. My confidence was definitely given a lot of a boost by Anne Marie our tutor, she’s amazing and I couldn’t have done it without her.”